Plays Generate Success

The main purpose of sales plays is to put the odds in favor of a successful conclusion. For sales people, increasing the odds of success means closing a higher percentage of business. For a basketball team, plays are designed to get a high percentage shot – one that has the highest likelihood of scoring.

Athletics is not the only environment where plays are used to enhance the likelihood of success. Corporate strategies have always been about putting the odds in favor of organizational success. Similarly, financial investors study issues, research conditions, and apply special skills to make a financial play that has greater possibility for sales than uninformed financial gambles.

The plays of Griffin Hill’s Sales Coaching Technology are proven, principle-based concepts that are easy to understand, learn, and implement. Sales people using our Sales Coaching Technology get immediate improvement in results across the sales process. For example, a sales person working in the hospitality industry began using his new plays the first day after attending one of my Sales Training Camps. The play set he used was so successful that after completing the sales call he shouted and danced around the sales floor. Another example of how easy it is to learn and implement sales plays is the financial planning attorney who more than tripled his active pipeline in less than one week.

Sales plays are based on scientific principles of human cognition. The basic plays can be constructed with confidence, rehearsed in advance and successfully duplicated over and over again. Practicing plays improves skill, fluidity, and confidence. A sales person is like a musician. Learning the notes and the rules of music provides the background for learning a complicated piece of music. Learning a musical score requires study, effort and practice. For the musician, practice builds skill and the music flows automatically – without clumsy stops and starts that erode the quality of the performance. A well-practiced musician is confident when performing for an audience. In the same way, a sales person becomes increasingly skilled, fluid, and confident because they don’t have to reinvent a complicated musical score with every sales call. The more athletes, musicians, and sales people understand the rules–the more they practice their plays–the greater their ability to improve in a given situation.

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