The Natural Born Sales Person

I have often heard sales leaders and chief executives express the desperate hope that they could simply hire a natural born sales person or someone with the “sales gene.”  When these executives are pressed to identify the characteristics of the natural born sales person, they mention traits such as gift of gab, charisma, and physical attractiveness.

Debunking the natural born artist theory does not mean that the classical sales attributes lack value in salespeople.  It does point out that managers and leaders cannot rely on the “sales gene.”   Gifted and talented sales people still need training, coaching and accountability for performance measures.  Knowledge alone will not make you a natural born sales person any more than knowledge of the game of chess will make you a world master.  To become a natural born sales person, you will need ongoing study, practice, and feedback from a coach who is experienced and skilled.

An additional lesson is that sales people from all backgrounds and experiences with a wide variety of skills can be successful if they possess the will to learn and use a system based on true principals, proven models, and natural laws.

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