Measure Your Performance and Improve

Sales people are not alone in their aversion to reporting and evaluation.  It is our human nature to resist evaluation.  Scheduling the annual performance review harrows up memories of being summoned to the principal’s office for a severe scolding.

Avoiding the pain of personal performance measurement slows skill development and growth.  The most powerful ally we have in our quest for achievement is rapid and frequent feedback.  The advantage of immediate evaluation is that the results can be used to diagnose and fix problems quickly, before they become habitual.

In his retirement speech from the National Football League, quarterback Steve Young alluded to the advantages of rapid and frequent feedback.  Mr. Young confessed that he never had an annual performance review in his life.  Then he added that his performance reviews had come every 6 seconds.  Responding to that rapid and frequent feedback helped Mr. Young become one of the most celebrated and successful professional quarterbacks ever to play the game.

It has been said, “When performance is measured, performance improves.  When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”  As a performance scientist, I have come to respect the profound truth of this simple statement.  I have learned that if we can measure the performance, we can improve it.

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