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Some Useful Links for You to Get Started

It seems like you’re running a default WordPress website. Here are a few useful links to get you started: Migration How to use WordPress Migrator Plugin? Migrate WordPress from Siteground to Cloudways Migrate WordPress from GoDaddy to Cloudways General How do I take my website live from Cloudways? How to manage WordPress via WP-CLI on […]

Adjuvant – You Are the Star of the Show

At Griffin Hill we believe…. You are the star of the show. You belong front and center. The spotlight is on you and all the world is watching—your customers, your team, your suspects and prospects Griffin Hill’s role is that of bit player. Our job is to help you to shine, to make you look […]


Everything we know about crowdsourcing has its roots in concepts originated by Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911). Galton was a noted scientist, mathematician and statistician. He fundamentally shaped how we view and use statistics today. He is credited with the statistical concepts of median (the middle number in a given sequence of numbers), and standard deviation […]

Exciting News for the Griffin Hill Sales System!

You’re familiar with Griffin Hill’s Sales System, but soon you will be able to experience it like never before. Griffin Hill has partnered with eLearning Brothers, an awesome company that produces eLearning Templates, custom eLearning courses, and more recently customizable eLearning courses that you can tailor to your business’ needs. We have been working with eLearning […]

Harness the Power of Journaling

For so many years while growing up, I would go to the store and pick out the perfect journal to write in– one that I felt reflected some aspect of my personality. One that I would be excited to write in. And I would do really well at writing in that journal every day for […]

Understanding the Needs of Your Client

After two decades of research, we have discovered that five categories offer the most efficient description of genuine benefits.  These categories are represented by five words, each beginning with the letter P.  The five categories are: Pain relief, Preservation, Pleasure, Profit and Prestige. The 5 Ps can be matched with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.  […]

Elevate Your Elevator Pitch

Imagine a chance meeting with your ideal suspect.  This is a person you really want a chance to sell to, but you simply have not been able to get their attention.  Your chance meeting will not allow much time and you must make the most of it.  Please take a minute, pull out some paper, and write […]

3 Strategies to Alleviate the Stress of Networking

With SMARTcon, Griffin Hill’s premiere business conference, coming up on September 28th, there’s a lot of talk about networking. SMARTcon will have not only 6 amazing keynote speakers and a floor full of great vendors, but will be an awesome opportunity to network. Networking events and organizations continue to gain popularity in the age of explosive […]