5 Tips to Actually Achieve Your Goals

The dilemma is so common its almost pop-culture. We start the new year with resolutions – commitments to do better! Most commonly we talk about getting into shape physically, or recommitting to a financial plan. We set a goal. We work on the goal for a week. (Two or three if we are really lucky.) Then the goal intentionally disappears. We feel bad about ourselves and we go right back to what we did the last year – spending our money however we feel like it and eating donuts. Here are some tips to help you actually achieve your goals rather than letting them die by the wayside.

  • Make the goal with somebody else and hold each other accountable. Sometimes goals don’t come to fruition simply because you forgot one day which made it easier to forget the day after that and on and on. Without accountability it is hard to keep going. So make the goal with a friend or family member. Then hold each other accountable on a daily basis with a text or a call.
  • Write the goal down and put it where you can see it. Actually writing down the goal increases the likelihood that you will achieve it. Make sure you see it on a regular basis.
  • Follow the Griffin Hill SMARTER Goals methodology. You will want to ensure that your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound, evaluated, and recorded. These criteria will help you achieve your goals. If you need more help with that, click here!
  • Practice positive self talk: The best supporter for your goal is you! Tell yourself often that you can do it! You can reach the goal! Then commit to things you can do today to make that goal happen. Be kind to yourself if you fall short every now and then.
  • Record how you do on your goal each day: At the end of the day, record how you are doing on your goal so far. Note the progress you are making and then commit to something that you can do better tomorrow.

These are only five of the many tactics you can use to achieve your goals. Pick at least one that you can implement today! With Griffin Hill, goal achievement is not only possible, but with your effort, it is guaranteed. You can find out more about the power of goal setting with your personal will to act by clicking here!