Business Organization Leads to Success

If you were asked to identify the most important part of your organization, what would it be? Upper management? Your clients? Would the most important asset of your business be your influence in the community? Your website design? The truth is, extensive research has been done that answer this question. At Griffin Hill, we know what kind of business organization structure it takes to win. We have found the answer through studying previous research and conducting our own.

        One of the most powerful assets to your business is the individuals who work at your company — your employees – not just as working cogs, but as real people with real hopes and dreams and fears. They are the most important part of your business. They make things happen. They are the hands that set things in motion. Without working employees, a business fails. An article from about how employees are more important than clients states, “Employee happiness and well-being come before everything else—including signing up new clients.” This article then continues to expound upon the importance of building a real relationship with one’s employees. We know this to be true because of the Griffin Hill model SAVI, a business organization system proven to make businesses greater than ever before and to give them winning strategy. People make up a huge portion of what decides if your company succeeds or falls short.

        It turns out the people that you employ are even more important than that though. A recent article written by Michael Schneider spoke about Google’s research study that lasted two years and monitored 180 companies. Their research identified several points found in all good companies and the results are interesting. Most of these companies are centered on employing hard working people and then helping them perform their jobs. Some of those included helping employees get a proper vision, helping employees feel that they have an important, positive impact, and helping employees find personal significance in what they do day to day.

SAVI, the Griffin Hill system includes elements meant to help your employees and also addresses other crucial elements to help businesses succeed. If you feel that your business needs a boost – start with your employees.

Take Time to Think

In business and sales, we as salespeople are always eager to take advantage of our time and use it to communicate every aspect of our sales pitch we possibly can. We launch into the benefits of our product or service, and list all of the reasons they should buy from us. Time is money, and sales individuals need to use their time to transform that it into money. When meeting with prospects and clients, we might bring this mindset, forgetting that we are talking to individuals who need time to process the information we are giving them. We must remember that filling time with our clients with information and chatter isn’t always the best strategy.

A recent article in the BBC news discusses the power of awkward silences and how to utilize that silence to increase your success in business. They quote Gavin Preston stating, “We often think that silence is people simply not speaking. But it allows both people to settle down and reflect a bit deeper.” Allowing silence to occur during our interactions with our prospects and clients allows them, and us, time to think and process the things we have said. This deep reflection can be very beneficial as it allows for the individuals involved in the conversation to fully come to understand the other person and get on the same page, which leads to more successful sales.

At Griffin Hill, we recognize the importance of asking questions and letting the client talk most of the time during certain stages of the sales process. The power of silence and allowing for time to think ties in with our principles on the power of listening. Spending time to think is important and if we can use our speaking time to prompt our clients to ponder the benefits and advantages of our services, they will come to their own conclusions and feel more secure working with us. As they think about these ideas we have presented to them, they will better be able to form their own thoughts, which will make our job of creating solutions for them in the sales process easier when we listen to them. Truly, the power of listening and allowing for silence is something that should be kept in mind and implemented during the sales process.

Be Innovative

It shouldn’t be a revelation for anyone that Sales, Marketing, and Technology are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. In the last 10 years alone, 15 models of the iPhone have been designed, put in use, and replaced by newer models. Technology moves so rapidly that keeping up with it is almost impossible. Looking at the entertainment industry, we have gone from costumed low budget films to entirely immersive CGI and even now 4D movies with chairs that shake and mist that can spray the audience at applicable times. Be Innovative has become the slogan of every company, and for good reason. Sales and Marketing have had to jump on the roller coaster of the fast-paced technology to keep up with it. Companies who want to succeed need to be nimble, adaptive, and current.

If you want to stay current and be innovative, then it is wise to look at great examples in the marketplace. One great example of this is the Utah based company The Void, known for their incredible Virtual Reality gaming experience – the next level of laser tag entertainment. By simply putting on a vest and a VR helmet, one can suddenly find themselves in a Ghostbusters’ New York apartment armed to fight ghosts. Here are some of the incredible things they are doing that can be adapted to any company:

1)    They Look Current

The Void, both in their marketing, their webpage design, and their technology are presented as being current. Although your business doesn’t need to put all of your employees into the most high tech Virtual Reality helmets as their uniform in order to be innovative, looking current for your audience is powerful and shows that your business has a pulse and knows the marketplace well.

2)    They Partnered With Good People

The Void recently partnered themselves with a company both current and nimble – Disney. Again, partnering yourself with Disney, 20th Century Fox, or Apple may be out of the question for now, but partnering your image with similarly current and nimble companies can build your image and strength.

3)    They Made It All About Their Customers

The Void has gained such powerful traction not just because of the new technology they have, but because of their desire to deliver valuable material to their audience. In the end, those who love their audience and strive to deliver them value will win. They will earn the audience and they will earn the revenue.

In this day and age the goal is to be innovative. The Void used tools to innovate. Now you can use similar tools to do the same. The success will be yours. Keep moving and never give up!



Change – Embrace Achievement

When you hear the word “change,” what are the first feelings and impressions that come to your mind? Does that word have a negative or positive connotation to you? The truth is that humans are creatures of habit. We love and feel safe when we are immersed in the familiar. We sometimes even go as far as shielding ourselves from change. By doing so, we cease to improve. Change is required for the high achievement of any business leader or team.

        We live in a society that has become increasingly cushy. We can easily order products, FaceTime our friends and family, pay our bills, get directions to any place we want, and so much more just with a few taps on your phone. Now we can even conserve precious energy by using voice recognition rather than our fingers to send messages or Google things. We can spend all day without hardly leaving a chair. We put in as minimal physical effort as possible and keep ourselves neck deep in our comfort zone, hardly moving or budging at all.  We avoid or remove things that are uncomfortable, difficult, strenuous, or painful because of our love of ease and comfort. This kind of lifestyle is a perfect narcotic for permanently killing achievement and personal growth because unlike ordering groceries on your phone to be delivered to your door, achievement is hard. The success that comes from change can be painful and uncomfortable. There isn’t an app that will achieve your goals for you.

        The reality is that sometimes uncomfortable, painful changes are required to succeed. An interesting study about runners in Kenya questioned why so many world-class athletes originated there, almost double as many that came from America. The conclusion was that these athletes were adapted to uncomfortable circumstances. At a young age, the young men go through ritualistic torture where they are forced to endure great pain to be considered a valid member of society. Because of this, their endurance to discomfort and pain is very high. Although Griffin Hill would never certify such behavior as a method to become a higher achiever, the simple truth is that the more we jump out of our comfort zone to achieve our goals, the more likely we are to become the achiever we want to become. Change is the key not only for a business leader but for everyone. 

        Griffin Hill teaches the principles of change – how to do it right, and how to use change as a way to become who you want to become. As we change appropriately we begin to close more deals, we begin to let go of our less-successful self and become who we have always wanted to become – a high achiever, a winner, and a thought leader of our field of choice. Learn more about Griffin Hill’s theory and become more effective as a business leader and as a team player.