Small Commitments Lead to Big Results

Too often in sales we want to get everything done all at once. We want to walk away from every interaction having a successful sale. Often times,people aren’t ready to make that kind of commitment. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t ready for any commitment.

Research has been done to prove that you can actually help an individual make the larger commitments, by first having them take very small steps in that direction. In an eye-opening research experiment, the first group was assigned to ask individuals in a suburban neighborhood if they could put a large sign in their yard to represent an event. A vast majority of the neighborhood residents declined. In the second group, they asked each person to wear a pin that helped represent the event. Many people were willing to do this. They then returned a week later to ask those who had worn a pin to put a large sign in their front yard. The results of the second group far exceeded that of the first group as people were far more open to help after having spent time wearing the pin.

This same concept can be applied to sales and in all aspects of life. Tiny commitments like wearing a button can lead to big commitments, like placing a sign in your front lawn. As you think about your own sales and what you do, you will find that the principle of small commitments lead to big ones is absolutely correct. Think about your own life and ask some questions:

  • What small actions do I take that warrant some of the results that I am getting.
  • Are they good or bad actions and results?
  • What small things could I implement now to help my clients, prospects etc. make commitments?

As you discover the small and large actions in your life you will gain a new perspective and find success.

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