Integrity Revolutionizes a Sales System

Sometimes the Human Experience doesn’t always match up to what we want it to be. Whether  in business or our personal life, we face a series of human faults – both our own and that of other people. But there is something you can do to make your experience and those of the people around you better. This solution centers in an attribute too frequently underplayed: Integrity. Believe it or not, it is key to any sales system.

Integrity may feel indefinable or elusive at times. However, it is an attribute that we have studied deeply at Griffin Hill. Integrity is the foundation of our systems and methodologies. Integrity leads to repeat business, more referrals, larger pipelines, more revenue, and more opportunities. It is the gateway to an abundance of new paths. Integrity will change a sales system from rote to meaningful.

What does integrity look like? Integrity is to be whole – to be complete, without flaw and without gap. It is to be honorable, true to yourself, respectful, and goodness of intent. Perhaps this is why it is so easy to succumb to bad examples and abandon integrity – our motives are not always as honorable as they appear. The root of any lack of integrity is usually greed either towards more money, more success, or more recognition. Often times this is also at the expense of another individual. The lack of integrity is usually characterized by manipulation, selfishness, and applying pressure or over aggressive behavior in a sale or a relationship. In sales, if our concern is getting money from our prospect, we are not acting with integrity. When we use our relationships for personal  gain to any degree, we are not acting with integrity. Ask yourself, what is motivating me to act the way that I do? When the answer is in the best interest of other party, you are on the right path.

Here are ways you can build your integrity and discover it’s inherent virtues:

  • Focus on what you are giving, rather than what you are getting.
  • Look at your schedule and ask yourself if your activities reflect who you really are.
  • Spend time in a conversation lifting someone else up by highlighting their positive characteristics.
  • When selling, focus on listening and avoid interrupting.

Integrity is integral to every facet of Griffin Hill. Our principle based sales system is named The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. There is well-founded evidence showing that integrity is the key to success in the sales process. Integrity is a principle of human psychology that should drive our crucial conversations in business and life.. If you would like to learn more about the power of Integrity in sales, click HERE.

The Economy of Trust

Stephen M.R. Covey, New York Times Bestselling author of The SPEED of Trust delivered a powerful message at SMARTcon 2016. He spoke about the power of trust and what it can do for a business and your success. Perhaps it sounds, as he put it, as “lovey-dovey-Covey” principle, but trust has serious economic impact and defines our level of success. It can be called the Economy of Trust. 

      We live in a world that is starved for trust. Too often business is affected by back alley transactions, a lack of reporting or accountability, and inability to measure up because of difficulties in the workplace. This is evidence that America is losing trust among its people. Just looking back at world events of 2016, including the election, it is not a stretch to say that a large portion of America is losing both integrity and the ability to place their trust in any party. The damage when trust is lost from a co-worker, a spouse, a president, or anyone else can sometimes feel permanent. So why rebuild? Why attempt to trust?

      Change is possible. It begins with you. You are the Hope of America. Building trust is the first step to change the world into a better, brighter, and more productive place. Trust is also the best way to increase revenue, build your pipeline, and change the lives of your prospects and clients. That is why we call it the Economy of Trust. 

      Stephen M.R. Covey gave relevant experiences about how to utilize tools that help to build trust. To build trust is to build productivity, speed, and content. It is the means by which both quality and quantity goes up in value. During his presentation, he invited us to all try an experiment. We now invite you to participate in this. He asked everyone to write down the name of an individual they work with who they trust and asked some of the following questions:

o   How long does business take with this person?

o   How easy is working with this individual?

o   How much gets done when you are with that person?

o   What is the quality of the work?

      Next, write down the name of another individual who you work with, but this time think of somebody you don’t trust and ask the same questions. Can you begin to see how trust can actually be called the Economy of Trust? Is it easier to see now how you can’t afford to continue relationships without it? Learn more about the SPEED of Trust and how it can increase your success here!

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