SMARTcon 2016: Chad Kerby on Business Transparency

SMARTcon 2016 was phenomenal. Attendees were immediately engaged with our Keynote speaker Chad Kerby, from Infusionsoft. He had an incredible message that showed through entertaining stories the importance of getting an audience’s attention to maximize customer engagement and boost profits. One of those methods was to have business transparency. 

      One of the stories he told was about his daughter who lived in Florida. After hearing all of the rumors and folklore of alligators in the state and seeing that his daughter lived near a small murky lake, he asked her if she swam in the water. To this, she answered, “Yes” and implied they frequently used the lake for multiple forms of recreation. After, he asked if they had seen any alligators to which she replied, “Well, we haven’t seen any alligators, but we’ve seen some baby alligators.” To this, Chad Kerby exclaimed, “Babies have Moms!” With this interesting and humorous story, he then asked a poignant question: “Would you get in that water?” The answer was obvious.

      Chad related this tale to the important truth that if we are not transparent, then our suspects and prospects will not be safe and therefore unwilling to dive head first into our product or service. Here are some simple questions to diagnose your business transparency:  

  •       Do you sound vague in the details of your product or service?
  •       Do you avoid mentioning the price, or some of the details of your product or service?
  •       Do you avoid objections that clients may bring up by dodging their questions or concerns?
  •       Do you use honest proofs and benefits when talking to your prospects or do you find yourself exaggerating?

Should you find that any of those bullet points above are true, remedy your process to increase business transparency and therefore score more closes and gain greater results. The principle of transparency that Chad Kerby taught will help change your sales life.

SMARTcon was full of incredible points like this one. If you were unable to attend this year, you can save your spot for next year FREE by clicking the button below. We won’t contact you until next year to secure your spot with a payment. Find out more about SMARTcon HERE.

Gratitude: Key to Business Success

Sometimes the subject of gratitude is easy to pass over. It’s just another Sunday school lesson, a sermon, or a feel-good principle that comes up every November. But statistical research shows that feeling and showing gratitude does incredible things. It helps cure the common cold by decreasing symptoms like nausea. It reduces stress. It decreases acne. It boosts mood. Gratitude helps you win more in every area of your life including your career, education, relationships, and health. Gratitude is one of the key ingredients to Griffin Hill’s systems of success. That is why we teach it. Gratitude is a prerequisite to business success. It is a key to winning.

Gratitude is not as common as we would like to think. True, we buy thank you cards for people. Sometimes we even say, “Thank you.” But society has conditioned these actions as formalities rather than sincere expressions of gratitude. In other words, it is possible to “express gratitude” without feeling grateful at all. But feeling gratitude changes our entire world. Business Success, Leadership Achievement, and Good living are based on a foundation of gratitude. Below are quotes taken from employees at the Griffin Hill office on how gratitude has helped them.

“I recently began journaling daily with ‘I am grateful for ______ because _______.’ I have noticed that each time I try to think of something positive that I appreciate, my mind wants to say, ‘Yeah, but…’ and go to one of the many things that I am not happy with, or problems that are hanging over my head that I need to deal with. I have to make an effort not to go there, but stay with gratitude. Overall, I have sensed a difference in being more positive. There will always be problems and negative things to be frustrated over, even if I’m relatively well off. I fool myself into thinking I am being productive and responsible by spending my time in negative thinking. I can just as easily choose to think on positive things, which is what my gratitude journal is training me to do. I believe that one day, I will be able to view so-called negative things from a different lens – a positive one.”

“When I am grateful, whether it be to deity, my family, or neighbors and friends, I am happier, healthier, more productive, and more intent on serving others. Showing gratitude to people in my life, whether in person or in a simple thank you note, helps me focus on that person and how I might be able to be of more meaningful service to them. As I am more grateful, my heart and eyes are more open to the needs of my family and those around me. Gratitude has a way of changing us from the inside out – it starts as a thought or a feeling in our hearts and as it grows, the light in our eyes is brighter and our countenance is happier, and our effect on others is far more positive.”

“I am sometimes lured to focus on what I do not have. But when I focus on the abundance of things I have been given, I am filled with joy and receive peace and love. I am grateful to see this truth in my life. I am grateful for the things which I hope are true and induce faith. Looking at my life through the lens of gratitude allows me to be in awe of the sun as it rises and lights the top of the mountains. It allows me to realize that the time given in the space of each day, I am free to choose how to fill it. Gratitude opens my heart and offers hope amidst turmoil and trial. It nudges me to put others in their best light. It helps me understand that a change in plans can make a fun memory. Gratitude shifts misfortune to understanding and new horizons. But mostly gratitude shows me that love is what this life is all about.”

Now that you have heard a few thoughts, it is time to test it for yourself. This week, to cultivate gratitude, pick up a notebook and write the following: “I am grateful for…” then follow it up with “…because…” Continue this practice until you begin to feel gratitude. By doing so, you enter a habit that will change your life for the better. You will boost business success and personal happiness in your life. Click HERE to find out more attributes you may not know are connected to your business success.

Sales Guide and the Upcoming Election

This coming November marks one of the most compelling elections in United States History. This election will have more deciding power in America’s future than almost any other in our country’s relatively short history. Facebook posts, tweets, and internet news articles have taken stances and thrown stones at each of the candidates. They have even aggressively attacked each other verbally both face to face and on social media. Conversations all throughout America among friends, family members, and even strangers turn to this election. Although elusive, what the country seeks for is someone with wisdom to take the presidency.  

An event like this reminds me of a time many years ago when I was driving with a friend in downtown Salt Lake. She was a nervous driver and being from a small town, had not experienced driving on what we call the “spaghetti bowl.” This roadway is filled with crisscrossing high speed roadways that tangle together in a knot, not unlike a bowl of pasta. It was late at night which only increased her anxiety – and mine.

I count myself lucky not to have been killed that night as we slowed  to a near standstill as she tried to figure out which way to go on a freeway filled with speeding vehicles. Finally, once she had managed to get onto the “spaghetti bowl” and was calming down from her panic, she turned and we saw lights coming  toward us. We had turned onto oncoming traffic. Luckily, I managed to assist in directing her to make a very hasty “U” turn and amazingly we ended up going the right direction and finally safely back at home.

At Griffin Hill, we are aware that in order to navigate anything – whether it be a roadway, a sales cycle, or a presidential election, you need Wise Guides and Willing Drivers. In some cases a sales guide. Should you fail to have one, you may end up in a catastrophic situation. Lacking in Wise Guides and Willing Drivers might mean a crash on the road, a severed sales cycle, or even a shattered business. It can even mean a broken country.

That is exactly why you are the Hope of America! You have the ability to determine who guides your path. You can get a wise sales guide! Choose experienced coaches as your sales guide. Choose proven systems. These road maps and road guides will not steer you wrong. By choosing to allow experienced coaches to help direct you, you will have a stronger business, greater results, and higher levels of achievement than you would have thought possible. Find more about the power of a coach by clicking here.

You also have the power to choose to vote for individuals with personal integrity; you have the power to choose someone who will drive our economy and country to safer, higher ground. You are the Hope of America.