Measurement and Metrics

Measurement is broken. For all the technology we have developed, there still seems to be serious issues when it comes to how we evaluate our success. When it comes to sales, usually one measures engagements and then skips to the measurement of closed deals. But everything in between those two stages – the actual selling – has no measurement at all. Unfortunately, pit falls of goal measurement are numerous and erode goal oriented behavior.

I once knew someone who, in High School, struggled with getting good grades. He was a brilliant young man and although his grades weren’t perfect, he generally had good scores. I never expected to see him on report card day because he was usually in his house, being punished for any grade that was seen as inadequate to his parents. However, with each punishment, it seemed that his grades only got lower, rather than higher like his parents expected them to. The only thing that was growing was his apathy towards his performance.

This case is baffling, but not unusual. His parents were following the true principle that a goal will only be met if there is accountability to reach it. As a student he was accountable to his teachers. As a son he was accountable to his parents. But for all his accountability, there was no progress to show for it. However, this common behavioral pattern is both predictable and correctable. In the science of human psychology, we know that mistakes in decisions about goals is the single contributing factor of human incompetence. In the case of my good friend, the mistake was his parent’s decision to give unnecessary attention to the bad grades, while failing to celebrate the achievements on the report card.

In order to achieve, one needs to measure metrics appropriate for their goal. Never underestimate the power of metrics. You will be empowered as you follow correct principles to choose which metrics to measure. It is not only how you measure metrics, but what metrics you measure that guarantee success. When any skill set is measured, that skill set becomes more powerful! Griffin Hill helps you learn which metrics you should set, as well as how to measure them. By following correct measurement principles, you will be able to achieve your goals more quickly and with greater results. Take a look into more about the Griffin Hill theory of measurement by clicking here.

SMARTcon: Hit the Right Note

Hope of America in Action

With the approach of the 4th of July we get excited to enjoy barbecues and fireworks with our family. It is a celebration of the Hope of America.

At Griffin Hill, we talk about the Hope of America in terms of the spirit of entrepreneurship. Early on, a Frenchman arrived in America to find out what made the new nation tick. He articulated beautifully that the thing that makes America great is the tools it provides to its citizens to succeed and reach whatever dreams they may have. On July 4th we find reason to think back to the original events in 1776 that gave America independence. On that day congress looked at the Declaration of Independence and finally approved its language and wording. (1)

But is the Hope of America changing? Over the years we have continued to celebrate our independence, but the Hope of America is fundamentally centered on action. The desire to act, to be innovative, to be creative, and to be willing to work has tended to diminish in the hearts of American citizens. It was the action of the Founding Fathers that allowed us to get to a state of independence, not just wishful thinking. Action takes courage – it takes effort – it takes personal willpower. It is action that builds America’s Hope and continues the spirit of Entrepreneurship.

In a world where it can be much easier to comment on events from the bleachers of social media and waste away time in meaningless “to-do’s”, it is becoming increasingly important to take action.

America still has all of the tools necessary to achieve any dream; that is something that hasn’t changed. All that is required to reach those high peaks is personal will and action. Those actions may start small, but taking that first step is important.

As you celebrate the Hope of America this July 4th take a look at your dreams, your tools, and commit to action. Then do it.


Independent & Strong: Be Your Own Boss

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to great places! You’re off and away!” So begins the classic children’s book Oh the Places You’ll Go by the beloved author Dr. Seuss. This book, although published 26 years ago, still spikes in sales every spring for graduation gifts. It made number one when it was first published in the New York Times Best Seller list. It’s core message draws in new readers every year: you have the power to succeed, independent of circumstances and the actions of others. As it says next: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

The books message is the same one that Griffin Hill states; the power of a strong, independent will is pivotal to the world of American Entrepreneurship and Griffin Hill is taking new leaps in this area. With Griffin Hill, now you can have the advantage of deciding your own hours, your own paycheck, your own work culture, and have every tool to succeed. May we recommend a direction paved in rewards? It’s called a Griffin Hill Certified Partner.

As a Griffin Hill Certified Partner, you will be able to work from the comfort of your own home with hours that you decide. Whether it’s a little extra income that is needed each week, or whether it is a full time job, revenue you earn is now in your control. The worry about work culture and the stress of climbing the leadership ladder is dissolved as you make your own winning culture to abide by.

We invite you to the Griffin Hill Free Webinar on July 12th at 11:00 am where Dr. Scott Baird will talk about the advantage of being your own boss and ways that you can apply those principles in your life right now. The promise we give you is best said in Dr. Seuss’ own words: “Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.” Click below to sign up for the free webinar and change your economic life today.

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