The Journey to Achievement

The noted theologian Joseph Campbell spent a large portion of his life reading and writing. Under circumstances of deep study and education, he created what is known as “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, sometimes referred to as “The Hero’s Journey.” It is a remarkable formula that dictates the pattern of nearly every folktale and story ever created. The stories begin in an ordinary world and evolve until the hero has attained a goal, gained a victory, or overcome the ultimate trial. The formula is not bound by culture or race. It has been followed since the earliest manuscripts to the most recent blockbuster movies. Joseph Campbell revealed that this is because those story patterns mimic the patterns of human existence. For that reason, “The Hero’s Journey” has been used to help solve people’s life problems. It patterns sales as well. The path of your story leads to achievement and success. Griffin Hill is your answer to getting there safely.

Start at the ordinary world – your status quo. Status quo feels safe, it feels comfortable, but it is stagnant. Don’t linger there. Create a vision and make a move. One of the patterns found in nearly every story is near the beginning we get a mentor character. A wise and experienced individual who has travelled the path, gained the experience, and knows what will bring success. Their purpose is to help bring the hero to victory. Consider Griffin Hill your mentor. We will help you get to where you want to go. Our experience is yours to utilize. There will be many paths to achievement that you could pick. The highest and greatest of all these paths is the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. This system is the path to success! It is an easier path. It is a more reliable path, and it is one founded on principles of human psychology. Learn more about the system and how it can be your path to success HERE.

As you travel this road, you will need tools to help you. The Hero will usually use things like a compass or a map. At Griffin Hill, we call it the High Performance Journal. This tool accelerates your ascent to success. This journal holds the power to show you exactly where you are and what you need to do to move forward. With areas to reflect and write, as well as ways to rate and analyze your behaviors, you will find that this tool is greater than a compass or a travel log on your journey to achievement. Check out more on the journal as your compass HERE.

Lastly, to reach the end goal of achievement you will need another character type found in the Hero’s Journey. They are called allies. They are friends, helpers, protectors, and defenders. They are coaches. At Griffin Hill, our coaching staff works for your success. They are a constant support system to boost your skill level and give you everything you need to reach the end goal of high achievement. With regularly scheduled coaching, you will find your path enjoyable and profitable. Check out more on coaches HERE.

Wherever you are in your journey to achievement or how distant the goal may sometimes seem, you can make it there and we can help you. That journey includes more revenue. It includes expanding your pipeline. It includes meeting your highest goals. Now is the time to achieve more. Want to know more? Start your journey by watching Dr. Baird’s video here. 

See, Adapt, and Act

Strategy is a daily activity. We employ it when we plan our day. Strategy is used in business enterprise, educational instruction, and even in our own entertainment with games like Stratego and Chess. Strategy was also used in war both anciently and modern. At Griffin Hill, we employ the wisdom of Sun Tzu – one of the most competent war strategists of all time and writer of The Art of War. A well-known quote of his reads as follows: “Just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions . . . He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent, and thereby succeed in winning, may be called a heaven-born captain.” With the tools at Griffin Hill, you will be a “heaven-born captain.”  You will be able to adapt yourself to any prospect.

The strategy found in war is surprisingly applicable to the sales process. In order to succeed in a sale, you must first see, then adapt, and finally act. Griffin Hill assists you to do all of them, but adaption and action are irrelevant until after one has clearly seen the battle field. In this battle field, you have to first see and understand yourself. You must know your own personal weaknesses and strengths. Second, you must see your prospect. You must infer correctly the nature of your prospect and how they prefer to conduct themselves. At Griffin Hill we utilize the strategic power in the Cognitive Preference Index or (CPI) to accomplish this. It is simple, effective, and profound!

CPI is a survey that will associate a number score to assess which areas of mental cognition you rely on most and which ones you tend to avoid. Those areas of mental cognition include logic, organization, emotion, and vision. CPI is the way to see yourself. That knowledge gained in the Cognitive Preference Index that brought personal understanding to you will also empower you to be able to see your prospect and assess which areas they prefer to work in.

Like Sun Tzu said, adaption is the key to victory. Once you have seen yourself and others on a cognitive level, you will be able to adapt yourself into a new form, like water poured into a new container. For example, even though you may prefer to work from emotion, if you see your prospect is depending on logic, you can adapt yourself to their play field and “thereby succeed in winning”. To persist in trying to relate on an emotional level with someone working from logic will prove unfruitful and a waste of time.

With Griffin Hill CPI you will clearly see yourself and your prospect. You will be able to adapt to anyone you come across and communicate with confidence. You will act with power and boldness without overstepping boundaries. Your pipeline will be filled with successful connections. Your revenue will be increased with the rising number of your closes. Use the Griffin Hill CPI tool by clicking here!

Also, you can gain hands on experience with CPI at our free upcoming CPI conference on Friday, June 30th 2017! 

Who Is the Sales Driver?

Think back to high school years. One of the quintessential moments of anyone’s high school career was learning how to drive. It was exciting to get behind the wheel of the vehicle. Your hopes were that you would be successful, and of course, that you wouldn’t end the day crashing and burning in a very literal way. Being a driver felt powerful. The wheel was in your hands. After all, the driver ultimately determines where the vehicle ends up. In the same way, sales are also driven. The question is: who is the driver?

To successfully drive the sale to a close, the sales driver must be your prospect. When it comes to sales, trying to force your prospect into the passenger seat of the car rarely works. Prospects don’t want to be forced to buy, even if the product is something they desperately need. They want to be at the wheel. That puts you in the instructor’s seat, and that is exactly where you want to be. Before you began your drivers education, it is likely that you knew the basics of a car and may have even driven before. But you didn’t know all the rules of the road or the directions to get to your destination. Similarly, your prospect understands their own business. What they don’t know is your product or service and how it will safely get them to their goals. As instructor, you are their guide.
The instructor’s seat is the best place to be. As the instructor in the car, the prospect can trust you, they can depend on you, and they rely on your experienced instruction. It is in this spot that you have the greatest influence in the sales process. In most Driver Education vehicles, you will notice that the passenger side also has a brake pedal in case the instructor has to take a more hands-on approach from time to time. As the instructor of your sales cycle, you pull the stops when needed.

Despite the availability of the advantageous instructor’s seat, most people still want to drag their prospects into the car. They want to take on the role of sales driver. However, is the experience really for the instructor? Of course not. The process is all for the one learning how to drive. In sales, the center of attention should be the prospect, not the product and not the person doing the selling. When one tries to force a sale, they are actually forcing the prospect out of the driver’s seat. Your prospect is the sales driver. Not you. Once that is internalized, you will be on the road to success.

Being an experienced salesman means guiding your prospect to the close. Allowing them to drive the sale and call the shots will help build an atmosphere of trust, agreement, and urgency. Your sale will have integrity. You will close more deals. Becoming that effective instructor starts now! The Integrity Sales System is the most powerful form of selling. It is the road map that will guide you and your prospect to the close. It will tell you when to call the stops and where to go. It has uniqueness in the principles of integrity upon which it is founded. Learn more of how you can use it here.

Remember To Memorialize

Many have had the privilege in our lifetime to visit Arlington and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and memorialize them. There is an undeniable reverence that prevails at this site where an unidentified soldier from World War I was laid to rest. Many have heard that the military has a policy to “leave no man behind.” However few realize how seriously the military takes that policy.

I was fortunate enough during my time of service to support Team Speicher. CPT Scott Speicher was a Naval Pilot who was shot down over Iraq during the Gulf Storm in 1991. His remains were not discovered or laid to rest until 2009. However, that 18 year gap was not a time of forgetfulness. There was an entire 6 man Department of Defense team dedicated solely to finding and returning CPT Speicher home. My time working with these dedicated individuals was a sincere honor. The mission felt different; the mission felt honorable. It was an act to memorialize a hero. They did not know CPT Speicher personally, yet their efforts and time were focused on this one man and they came to respect and love him as much as those who knew him during his life.

This is not unique to CPT Speicher. There are missions, teams, and searches to bring all home. The commitment to “leave no man behind” is inspiring and not taken lightly. Despite the commitment, not all do come home. Those who don’t are memorialized. A day in our nation is set aside to honor those who never made it home, to honor those who served and died, and to honor any who we want to remember. It’s a day where we shift to an external focus – to others and their legacy and we are humbled by it. We are better for it. The act of memorializing changes us, it shapes us and it improves us. Take the month to memorialize someone. Let that act of dedication shape and refine you.

SMARTcon 2016: Reflecting Back

Last September Griffin Hill sponsored the first annual SMARTcon, Utah’s premiere business conference centered on Sales, MARketing, and Technology. The single day event brought together experts in the industry where new ideas were explored and synergies created. We are grateful for the partners that joined us in putting this conference together and delivering it to the robust and thriving Utah business community. . One attendee stated: “I had a few small business ideas that I wanted to undertake and [SMARTcon] was a good way to network and get motivated! It was certainly worth my money.” A second individual said: “I loved the overall theme! [SMARTcon] was all about going and getting [a sale]! I believe all . . . could benefit from the things that we learned.” We express our gratitude for everyone that attended and look forward to SMARTcon 2016.

Griffin Hill admires all of our partners at SMARTcon. Without their help and valuable experience, we would not have had the same value, diversity, and level of knowledge. Some of the 2015 SMARTcon influencers were Elevate Promo, Innovative Corporate Events, Digital Trike, SEO VOD, BYU Marriott School of Management, AdMind, and Stryde. Our partners participated in a lineup of booths and provided powerful tools and services of value to all who attended.
The SMARTcon keynote speakers provided energy, excitement, and prompted deep thinking that crossed the gap between both business and personal life goals. Keynote speakers included our own founder, Dr. Scott Baird, Darin Adams from InfusionSoft, and the Iron Cowboy. The speakers gave applicable action items that motivated attendees to reach higher! They also provided the tools to achieve their action items. “The Iron Cowboy was fantastic! [He talked] about being fearless and committing to get things done. I had to face some complicated decisions and being fearless became important.” Those who attended SMARTcon left with new tools, knowledge and feeling uplifted and able to reach their goals.

SMARTcon also included and conducted incredible networking activities ! Through our partnership with Innovative Corporate Events, multiple attendees reported that they were able to easily network and make new connections. Ethan from Edge Promos said: “We see the value in networking and meeting new businesses and we definitely did that at SMARTcon.” SMARTcon is the place for easy networking; that means that SMARTcon is the place for easy growth.
SMARTcon 2016 will be on Thursday, September 29 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. SMARTcon 2016 will provide all the benefits of last year and more. We look forward to seeing you there! Keep updated on upcoming events and gain access to more valuable tools by signing up for the Griffin Hill newsletter:
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Check out more about SMARTcon 2016 and its benefits by CLICKING HERE!
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Everyone Sells

Vincent Van Gogh is considered to be one of the greatest artists in the world. He had extraordinary painting ability and creativity that rivaled the Renaissance Masters. Vincent Van Gogh was a prodigy. Despite his raw talent, his art was either criticized or hardly noticed in his day. Now his paintings can go for over 130 million dollars. (1) Clearly, raw talent does not always lead to reached goals and a prosperous life. In the sales world, employees and employers search for the false idea of “the sales gene.” Employers look for the perfect sales person — a Vincent Van Gogh of sales — to hire; they look for someone with empathy, charisma, and boldness. We desire and strive to be that perfect salesperson: someone born with the natural talents needed to succeed. Obviously we all want to be successful, but nobody is born with a gene to see success. We are born with natural talents, but that doesn’t equate always to results. Without a success gene, we are dependent on a system to achieve results.

Although we may not recognize it, everyone sells in their life. There are many times in our day when we are engaged in the “sales process.” When we want to convince someone that our opinion on politics is the right one, we are selling. When a parent tries to persuade their child to do or not do something, they are selling. When we try to convince ourselves to do something hard, we are selling. Even when we make goals to improve ourselves, we are participating in the same principles that govern sales. Everyone sells.

Griffin Hill’s founder, Dr. Scott Baird created the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. In a Google search for “selling,” you will find that the most common topic is: “How do I get a sale?” The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System is the answer. From the title, this system is founded on integrity, but it is also a principle based selling system – meaning that it is governed by natural laws in human psychology. It is the organic, natural, and pure element of the selling world. It is sales at its finest and brings the user to higher planes of success.

Everyone sells in their life, although most do not realize it. The System, because it is founded on natural principles can be applied and used to reach goals in almost any area of life – not just the world of sales and entrepreneurship. It is not uncommon for us to hear that the System has helped clients in their personal life. One individual learned from the “Overcoming the Objection Play” how to speak to argumentative people without becoming argumentative themselves. Another learned from the “Needs Audit” how to ask good questions to facilitate self-discovery. In short – the System can be put into the context of any worthwhile goal and it becomes the way to achieve it. We invite you to learn more and try it out for yourself.