Play of the Month: Rapport Play

If you have ever witnessed Japan’s train systems in the afternoon, then you know that it can be quite the interesting experience. The doors slam open and suddenly you find yourself squeezed in the middle of a massive crowd of people from every walk of life. Outside the doors, men in clean cut uniforms and wearing white gloves, push people in like sardines and wait for the doors to slam shut before quickly wrenching their hands out of the way. Can you imagine the noise on that train? This may surprise you but there is none. That train car is dead silent.

Although everyone’s shoulder to shoulder, they immediately retreat into themselves where it’s safe. Often, especially in high pressure situations, we tend to to hide inside ourselves. We put walls of ice up and we don’t surrender our ground.

Sales people don’t have this luxury. Whether on the doorstep, on the phone, or in a networking event, we both push ourselves and are pushed to reach out. Sales is not an individualistic career. Connections are power. But that doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes just getting out those first few words can be agony.

Griffin Hill’s Integrity Sales System is the answer to how one parses the problem of getting a sale. It is a system without flaw, without gap and runs on powerful plays. It begins with our play of the month: The Rapport Play.

It is the means by which you shatter the ice.

It’s also very simple. Initiate the contact and introduce yourself. “Hello! My name is Robert Andrews.” It’s simple, short and straight forward. A good rule to use is to keep your rapport twelve words or shorter. Use your body language with this phrasing to show you are eager to speak with them. Holding your arms close to your chest, looking at the ground or tapping your foot are signs of distress and isolation. Instead, you can open your arms wider, look relaxed, and smile.

Rapport building is a skill that takes practice, but the more you connect with others, the greater your success, the larger your pipeline, and the more prosperous you will be in every endeavor in life! Break the ice, connect, and build relationships that will prosper you and them.

The Power of Integrity

“Mistakes in decisions about goals are the single greatest cause of human incompetence.” – Thomas Gilbert.

Many organizations have set out to accomplish wonderful things, but because their sights were set on the wrong goals they, unfortunately, fell short. That is where Griffin Hill started. It was set to be a consulting company to help individuals and organizations focus on the right things so they could make an impact in the world, rather than vanishing to obscurity.

Helping companies succeed means that everyone in the organization needs to know their roles, goals, rules, and have access to tools to act. This became particularly challenging when it came to sales. As we would talk to sales people they became frustrated trying to put their finger on what was attributing to their success, and typically the things they pointed to were not the right measurements and goals for a sales rep.

Griffin Hill went to work identifying what the right roles, goals, rules, and tools were for a sales rep, and thus, the Sales System was born. Most people now know us for the development and coaching of the Sales System, which has proven to the success of many companies.

The title “Integrity” was picked for many reasons. Merriam-Webster definition of Integrity is first “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.” The sales profession is an honorable profession. It is what drives the world economy. Without the sales of goods and services we as a people would not progress; there would be no reason to progress. Some organizations and individuals give the sales a bad rap. That is why, as we built the process we used the name “Integrity” to remind us that we live to a higher code of moral character and by adhering to the process and plays, you will be living this high ethical law!

Next Merriam-Webster tells us that Integrity means, “an unimpaired condition, the quality or state of being complete or undivided.” This is another side to the Griffin Hill Sales System. It is sound, complete, and without flaw. Think about building a big commercial building. They first start by creating a strong foundation. Next, they build a steel structure on that foundation. Because the foundation and steel structure are strong and firm they can now put on all the walls, and bring in whatever furnishings needed or desired. The Sales System is like the foundation and steel frame to your sales. It is what causes the building to stand when the winds and storms come. It is what makes sure the building is sound and complete. Without it the building would not stand for even one minute.

Though each company needs to bring their own furnishing into the building and put the fingerprint of their culture to it, the foundation and steel structure does not change. It is sound, complete, whole, without flaw, and holds us to a high standard of moral character.