Get Results Through the Secret Language of Persuasion

Sales is a science. What we tend to not realize, is that everything in our world is governed on set principles. For example, unless we are in the business of science, we typically don’t give much attention to atoms, and yet they are what build the world around us. Similarly, sales has a science and concrete principles behind it, which are frequently overlooked. Truly, communication with someone on any level has formulas and foundational ideas that will govern that interaction. Mastering those principles is the key to increasing revenue and traversing to higher levels of success.

The question is, how do you master those principles?

Tuesday, December 15th at 11:30 AM, Griffin Hill will be partnering with Fluid to host the Get Results Through the Secret Language of Persuasion Webinar. Here, you will find both powerful insight and tips to help increase your success and understanding of those universal principles. It is in this webinar that answers to the question of “how” will be made clear.

Griffin Hill and Fluid make a powerful team for this webinar. For those who don’t know, Griffin Hill is all about saving and changing lives by putting the odds of success in your favor. With research and powerful sales and organizational systems to back us and our clients, we offer an array of strengthening tools to give you higher revenues and more powerful influence in the market.

Dr. Baird, our founder, will be discussing the secrets of human sociology and psychology used to romance the sales cycle and help you close the big sales. Those same principles are richly connected to how we work as humans. Mastering those resources doesn’t require you to become a psychologist, but having the information and advice from this webinar will boost understanding and increase capability. This information will be powerful and easily implemented with immediate results.

Fluid equally has powerful tools centered on marketing. They accelerate the growth of their clients through marketing strategy and process. Their tracking systems ensure that any dollar used for marketing is recorded and accounted for. Fluid offers that same growing power via their marketing processes.

The Managing Partner at Fluid, Phil Case, will be joining us and offering his own powerful insight with a field equally important and relatable when discussing the foundation of sales. One principle we teach at Griffin Hill is that words matter. Phil, with his extensive experience in sales, marketing, and organization, will be demonstrating the impact of words, visuals, and digital technology in concerns to sales and related growth.

For any enthusiastic business or sales individual with a desire to increase their capability to sell, this is not an event to be missed. We know from extensive and in-depth research that sales, although simple, has a level of complexity. Learning those complexities and transforming them into applicable and simple systems is what we do best. We look forward to seeing your participation and your increased success at our webinar. Take a look at our other webinars on youtube by clicking HERE!