Get Results Through the Secret Language of Persuasion

Sales is a science. What we tend to not realize, is that everything in our world is governed on set principles. For example, unless we are in the business of science, we typically don’t give much attention to atoms, and yet they are what build the world around us. Similarly, sales has a science and concrete principles behind it, which are frequently overlooked. Truly, communication with someone on any level has formulas and foundational ideas that will govern that interaction. Mastering those principles is the key to increasing revenue and traversing to higher levels of success.

The question is, how do you master those principles?

Tuesday, December 15th at 11:30 AM, Griffin Hill will be partnering with Fluid to host the Get Results Through the Secret Language of Persuasion Webinar. Here, you will find both powerful insight and tips to help increase your success and understanding of those universal principles. It is in this webinar that answers to the question of “how” will be made clear.

Griffin Hill and Fluid make a powerful team for this webinar. For those who don’t know, Griffin Hill is all about saving and changing lives by putting the odds of success in your favor. With research and powerful sales and organizational systems to back us and our clients, we offer an array of strengthening tools to give you higher revenues and more powerful influence in the market.

Dr. Baird, our founder, will be discussing the secrets of human sociology and psychology used to romance the sales cycle and help you close the big sales. Those same principles are richly connected to how we work as humans. Mastering those resources doesn’t require you to become a psychologist, but having the information and advice from this webinar will boost understanding and increase capability. This information will be powerful and easily implemented with immediate results.

Fluid equally has powerful tools centered on marketing. They accelerate the growth of their clients through marketing strategy and process. Their tracking systems ensure that any dollar used for marketing is recorded and accounted for. Fluid offers that same growing power via their marketing processes.

The Managing Partner at Fluid, Phil Case, will be joining us and offering his own powerful insight with a field equally important and relatable when discussing the foundation of sales. One principle we teach at Griffin Hill is that words matter. Phil, with his extensive experience in sales, marketing, and organization, will be demonstrating the impact of words, visuals, and digital technology in concerns to sales and related growth.

For any enthusiastic business or sales individual with a desire to increase their capability to sell, this is not an event to be missed. We know from extensive and in-depth research that sales, although simple, has a level of complexity. Learning those complexities and transforming them into applicable and simple systems is what we do best. We look forward to seeing your participation and your increased success at our webinar. Take a look at our other webinars on youtube by clicking HERE! 

Three Great Lessons for Every Entrepreneur with a Vision

Just a few miles up highway 96 from Beaumont, Texas is the delightful community of Lumberton. I was on a trans-continental bicycle trip this past May when I stopped in Lumberton at Raphael’s a restaurant on Main Street. The only thing better than the food is the story of the proprietors, Raphael and Anna.

Raphael and his wife, Anna, represent all that is great about America. They are living evidence that hardworking people with vision can still achieve the American Dream. Despite starting life in abject poverty, Raphael and Anna established two successful restaurants. They drive new cars and live in a beautiful home with a television in every room. Raphael and Anna are America’s hope.

Raphael was born in El Salvador. By his own report, he and his mother lived in a six foot by six foot cardboard box. They had no hope of escaping their desperate circumstances. Even though he was just a young boy, Raphael worked from sunrise to sunset just to survive. He owned one pair of shoes, a second pair was beyond comprehension. One morning, his mother took him by the hand and said, “We’re going to America.” They left their cardboard box behind and started walking. Raphael’s journey from a cardboard box to successful restaurateur is inspiring and instructive.


There are three distinct lessons for any pursuer of dreams and for every would-be entrepreneur.

    1. Be enterprising and hard-working
    2. Educate to elevate
    3. Be guided by a spiritual inner compass

Be Enterprising and Hard-working

For Raphael, the lessons of hard-work started when he was very young. By age six he was well into a routine of working from sunrise to sunset. He knew that survival meant productive work not just spending time. Entrepreneurs soon learn that punching a clock doesn’t result in a paycheck. As my friend Rudy Vidal recently observed, profit is the measure of value you offer to the market place. For an entrepreneur time must be used productively to provide value.

A self-sacrificing mother, in search of a better life for her son demonstrated the grit and hard work necessary to make her way to the United States with her son in tow. It wasn’t enough to start the journey it took focused work every day to accomplish the dream. Raphael told me that after he arrived in the United States someone told him, “if you want your dreams to come true, don’t go to sleep.” Meaning work hard, work productively.

Educate to Elevate

Not only did Raphael have to learn to be enterprising and hard working, he had to learn the restaurant trade and the business skills. He learned the food industry by working for someone else for more than 26 years! Once he arrived in the United States, Raphael’s journey to successful business person was marked by learning, applying and growing. As he learned more and used what he learned in his work, he became increasingly valuable. He was not satisfied to be a Spanish speaker in America. His dream of entrepreneurial success required him to learn English. His self-imposed requirement of English proficiency accelerated his education. He is a skilled critical thinker. He knows how to analyze and control food and labor costs and he knows how to communicate with his customers and make good decisions based on their feedback. Raphael used education to elevate his situation.

Listen to his interview here! 

Be Guided by a Spiritual Inner Compass

Researchers Mitchell Neubert and Kevin Dougherty from Baylor University reveal some interesting patterns regarding entrepreneurs and belief in God. It turns out that entrepreneurs pray more frequently than other people. Business owners are more likely to think of God as a personal, interactive being who is interested in them and their problems. For Neubert and Dougherty, “entrepreneurs simply have a more personal view of God than non-entrepreneurs”.

Our nation’s founders were also confirmed in their faith and belief in God. One example is George Washington who said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable”. And “It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor”. The Declaration of Independence, The Pledge of Allegiance and The Star Spangled Banner all declare us a God-fearing nation. Entrepreneurs live it.

Raphael and Anna epitomize entrepreneurial belief in God. They speak of God as a trusting parent. God is someone they communicate with regularly in prayer and whom they visit once a week in church. Raphael confided that he opens the door of his restaurant every morning and locks it behind him. He retreats to a table at the back of his establishment where he kneels and prays with gratitude for all that God does for him.

Raphael and Anna represent all that is great about America. The dream is still alive. The ember of hope is kindled by hard work, education and faith. Three great lessons for every entrepreneur with a vision.

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Gratitude – The Quintessential Virtue

November is the month where Americans love to recall all they are grateful for. The increased time spent with family solidifies feelings of comfort and peace. We spend our time around the Thanksgiving turkey talking about what we are grateful for, but what does this mean for us in the long run?

Statistics show that gratitude enhances likeability. Why is this important? Gratitude is considered an “attribute of the persuader.” Likeability enhances your power of persuasion, and gratitude enhances your likeability. So, if we want to become more likeable and enjoyable to be around, we ought to become more grateful. How do we achieve this? A team of social scientists (Emmons & McColough, 2003) had this question, and took it upon themselves to find out.

In order to cultivate gratitude, we must first encourage people to talk about it. The researchers learned that there are three elements to help guide people in their discussion and awareness of the virtue itself. These three elements are as follows:

1. The person must be aware of having been the recipient of some valuable benefit.
2. The person must acknowledge that the source of the benefit was outside of themselves.
3. The person hadn’t done anything in particular to be worthy of the benefit.

The researchers created an experiment and divided their chosen sample into three groups. All three groups wrote in a daily journal, but their prompts differed. Group one wrote “I am grateful for…” Group two wrote “I am frustrated by…” and group three were simply told to just make a list. It didn’t matter what the subject of the list was. It could be grocery lists, packing lists, inventory lists, or anything in between.

Researchers learned that through simply talking about and acknowledging gratitude, group one reported higher levels of health, happiness, and productivity.  In contrast to group two and group three, subjects from group one reported increased optimism, improved sleep habits, fewer physical symptoms, less bitterness, and higher levels of enthusiasm! They even exercised more frequently than the other two groups.

Astonishingly, the benefits didn’t extend only to adults, but to children as well. Every day, children were asked to write a similar list of who or what they were grateful for. These young subjects reported higher levels of positive attitudes toward school and family. The older children even reported less acne!

This is astonishing. Simply writing about what you are grateful for not only leads to increased emotional and psychological levels, but physical as well! The question is, what does this mean for you? We implore you to take our Gratitude challenge. For one month, write down, each day, something you are grateful for…anything at all! At the end of the week, if you find that you had written down a specific name of a person who you are grateful for, reach out to them. Write a letter. Give them a call. Let them know you are thankful for them. We think, and the research agrees, that at the end of this month, you will find yourself happier, healthier, and more productive.

Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, but it is the parent of all others. -Cicero

Strategy: Three Ideas to Unify Your Organization

For five thousand years human kind has been connecting, formally and informally, with others of the species. In the last decade, technologies for connecting have exploded. FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are only the tip of the human connection iceberg. SnapChat, Instagram, Pintrest and thousands of dating sites testify to the human yearning to connect.

Our very survival depends upon our connectedness. That is a big statement! Invoking survival isn’t just for dramatic effect. In all of the animal kingdom the law of natural selection is the law of survival. Survival of the fittest is the observed pattern. Even before man could record stories using pictographs on a cave wall, the history of life on earth is written in the geologic record. And that record testifies that the fittest survive and all others perish.

For the human animal, connections increase fitness and survivability. In the day of the Saber-toothed Tiger, a single hunter became the hunted. But a group of hunters, coordinated in skill and effort, could navigate the threat of death and bring down even the fiercest in the neighborhood.

Though herds, packs and prides all demonstrate the power of strength in numbers, the human animal is distinguished from all the animal kingdom by one additional attribute—reason. Reason adds dimension to the laws of survival for human kind. When inter-connected individuals begin to think and act with common ideals and values they gain even greater power.

When shared values guide common purpose organizations are born and begin to act in a coordinated way. In organizations, each individual performs a specialized role to achieve a vision larger than any single person. Through coordinated action, the combined strength becomes synergistic—the resulting power exceeds the sum of each person’s labor.

Synergistic power is the goal of organizational culture and strategy. Individuals united by shared values, common purpose and coordinated action dominate their competitive space. Organizations lacking in commonality and coordination don’t perform at the same high level.

The good news is that every organization can be disciplined by a well-articulated and orchestrated strategy. Here are three steps that every organization can take.

First, start with where you really want to be. Capture the vision of the position you want to occupy. Write it, poke at it, refine it and write it some more. Talk with everyone in the organization about your vision. Your conversations with others will add to your thought process. Questions, doubts and surging passion from others can influence your vision and your ability to articulate it. Check out our SMARTER™ Goals guide to help you capture your vision.

Second, know where you are. This step is just like that big map at the amusement park, the one marks your current position with a big red dot and the words, “You Are Here”. In order to get to the place you seek you have to know two things. You have to know where you are and where you want to go. You have to understand the relative position of those two points. Use all the organizational facts at your disposal to understand your current position. What do your financial documents tell you? What can you learn from your current marketing activities and conversion ratios? Do your sales statistics clarify the profile of current customers and which products and services your customers want and need?

Armed with information form hypotheses and again talk with everyone in your organization. By the way, these conversations and those from step one can be concurrent. Posit, ask, listen, learn. What are your unique contributions as an organization? What are your skills? About what are you and your people passionate? Where does there appear to be opportunity in the marketplace? This guide might be helpful.

Third, find a way to involve everyone in the conversation. As you identify the position you want to occupy, the position you currently own and the road map to connect the two, building consensus will build performance muscle. If you go through the exercise without involving others you will lack shared vision, values and common purpose. It is your shared vision and your common purpose that provide synergistic lift.

Keep the process simple. The weight of complexity will extinguish the fire of improvement. Know where you want to be. Know where you are. Involve everyone in the process.

Disciplined, coordinated performance on shared vision and common purpose is possible. A strategic plan turns the possibility into a probability.

Learn about tools that Griffin Hill can provide to help you in your improvement quest. Take the Quiz here.


System: More Closes. More Customers. More Commissions.

Act now or lose thousands of dollars in commissions. The choices you make today, right now, will determine your ability to generate revenue and commissions in the next 12 months. With the same amount of effort, your sales can steadily improve—even skyrocket—or you can fight for left-overs, scraps and meager results. Your decision, made immediately, will determine the path you walk and the rewards you earn for the balance of your productive life.

If you choose urgent utility of, adherence to, and skill with the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System ™ you will out-perform your peers and devastate your competitors. The System ™ has a power that even the experienced journeyman doesn’t fully comprehend. One illustration of the hidden power is the capacity to stimulate urgency in suspects, prospects, decision-makers, and buyers. The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System ™ is a complete technology of sales and selling. It encompasses all the principles, concepts, techniques and practical applications and systems associated with the discipline of persuasion. The outcome of persuasion is that individuals decide, choose, and act in a timely manner. Timeliness and urgency are essential elements of persuasion. Therefore, a system or technology of sales and selling must create timely decision making on the part of suspects and prospects. That is exactly what the Integrity Sales System ™ does for our clients.

Though everything about The System ™ is designed to create urgency for decision-makers and buyers, sales people may not be aware of the process and plays that contribute to timely decision making and action. When sales people become consciously competent—when they are more aware of how The System ™ creates urgency and why, it leads to at least three positive outcomes. First, the sales person becomes more committed to using The System ™ and adherence increases. Second, the sales person can focus on specific skill development within The System ™ to improve results. And third, the sales person improves execution of process and plays.

Adherence. Skill Development. Execution. These three positive outcomes will skyrocket closes, pile-up customers and smother you with commissions. Benefit, SNE, Query, Reframe, and Validation are a few of the plays that stimulate timely, even urgent decision making. If you’re struggling to stimulate urgency, start your evaluation with the Benefit Play. If your suspect or prospect isn’t motivated to act in a timely manner your benefit is not doing its job. First of all, it may not be a benefit at all—stopping short at feature or advantage. It may be the wrong benefit—poorly matched for the situation or the individual. The benefit may not be specific or it may be unclear. In any case, go back to the fundamentals. Start with your Base Camp Workbook and the exercises used to get to a good benefit play. Further diagnosis of urgency issues may uncover poor utility of the Schedule the Next Event Play. The play itself may not meet the criteria of time, date, or purpose mutually understood. You will never successfully take advantage of momentum without adherence to those principles.

Additionally, consider shortening the time between events in the sales process. In most situations, more than a week is too long to maintain motivation, momentum, and urgency. For many selling situations, urgency can be improved by an SNE that is a few days away. Query plays that facilitate mutual understanding of deadlines, quotas, and impact will create urgency that can be engineered into the schedule. In every case, appropriate use of a reframe play that sets up a validation play can stimulate conscious awareness of dates, deadlines and desired benefits. Consider Case Study discussion and practice around Needs Audit that would improve skill in mutual discovery of dates and deadlines followed by a reframe and validation along with your commitment to help in a timely way. The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System ™ will help you stimulate and maintain urgency in the sales process.

To improve skill, evaluate your Benefit, SNE, Query, Reframe, and Validation Plays. It may take some time and effort but that is how you will become a top performer among your peers. Your determination to apply yourself more fully to The System ™ in these ways will make you a formidable competitor. The rewards include the respect of customers, peers, and competitors. You will enjoy self-satisfaction. And don’t forget the earning machine you will become. More Closes. More Customers. More Commissions.


Be Successful, and do Scary Things!

Darin Adams from Infusionsoft joined us at SMARTcon about one month ago. He was one of several amazing key note speakers that made the event one of the most remarkable sales, marketing and technology conferences of the year. Out of all of the inspiring things that Darin said, one of great influence to everyone is this: Sometimes you have to do scary things.

Anyone in sales, marketing or technology can relate to the principle of doing frightening things. You do it every single day! Particularly in regards to entering sales, it can be scary. Facing fears is something we do, and in business – we do it a lot. Successful individuals are the ones who can embrace these moments as opportunities. Successful people take action and make things happen. They move forward regardless of fears and inhibition.

The world is absolutely filled with great examples of individuals who moved forward despite fear, rejection and failure. J.K. Rowling, now one of the most successful writers of all time, was rejected repeatedly during a dark time in her life. Living mainly on only benefits, with a broken marriage and one daughter, fear was a daily part of her life. Yet, despite that, she moved forward and submitted her first book and was rejected repeatedly. She kept trying until finally the book was published and became the first of seven books that would reshape the young adult genre. Walt Disney faced similar issues. He was told that he was not going to be successful due to his lack of imagination. That didn’t stop him from finally releasing his first Disney film and the opening of two theme parks that have now been subtitled: The Happiest Place on Earth. Winston Churchhill and Thomas Edison also faced struggles in their lives. The point is that we all face fears and obstacles in our lives, but do you let it becoming a stopping point or do you realize your potential by overcoming them? These individuals and many more have done that and became people of influence!

The wonderful things learned at SMARTcon contributed to individuals ability to move forward in the face of fear – and therefore, SMARTcon contributed to individuals ability to succeed. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge gained from Darin Adams, as well as many other individuals that attended adds to our ability to grow, progress and win often.

Becoming empowered to do scary things requires action. If you were able to go to SMARTcon, pull out those action items and think of how they will help get you through fears and barriers. If you didn’t, click on the link below and find out how you can attend SMARTcon! Either way, do the scary things and achieve your dreams.



SMARTcon: Write it Down

We saw so many individuals attend SMARTcon this last September and walk away with action items they could use to build up their business. It was an event unlike any other and began with a bang as Dr. Scott Baird from Griffin Hill began the conference.

He spoke about several important topics and shared great insights concerning success. One that he brought up multiple times was the importance of taking action. This is absolutely essential because this is the means of transferring knowledge gained into skill. Throughout the conference, individuals received the invitation to take something they heard from the discussion that pierced their heart and write it down. The conference went into a period of solemn silence as individuals wrote down things that meant something to them. Then, Dr. Baird instructed them to write down something they were going to do about it.

Therein lies a principle of deep import found throughout SMARTcon and The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. Actions that are written down are more powerful. Once knowledge has gone from the recesses of our minds to text on a page, we gain deeper understanding of what we just heard. As individuals took notes at SMARTcon, they walked away, not just with great quotes, but with things that they could do!

Studies have been done assessing the relationship between actually writing a goal down and accomplishing that goal. It is definite and absolute in the results. Those who write down their goals accomplish more than those who do not. The art of using a journal has been proven to improve mental and physical health as well! To put it very simply, writing down thoughts, ideas, and feelings is a good idea.

As you use our High Performance Sales Journals you will excel! Use that tool! Use it often. You can find action items every single day if you seek them. SMARTcon was one opportunity to do so. If you were unable to attend SMARTcon, you too can still walk away with action items! Click here to learn more about SMARTcon and reserve your tickets today! 

Iron Cowboy: Doing the Little Things

SMARTcon was a unique event, with opportunities both to network and to learn from the best and brightest minds in business. However, for those who were able to attend, there was a special treat in being able to see America’s own Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence. James successfully completed 50 Iron Man competitions in 50 States in 50 days. It was exciting and inspiring to hear directly from him about his experience in accomplishing this amazing feat of physical prowess.

While speaking, he brought up a point that made an impact to those who attended. Naturally, when people heard about this seemingly impossible goal, they asked the Iron Cowboy: “How did you do it?” To which he strongly replied, “Do a lot of things consistently over a long period of time.”

Now, think about that! People out there in the world – regardless of their field – succeed, based on their efforts, consistently done through a long period of time. They don’t have the success gene from birth. They don’t get to where they are overnight. They aren’t simply chosen by fate to be good at what they do.

Many individuals gradually become frustrated because they believe they don’t have the time or the means to do what they dreamed of doing. We all come to those moments when it seems that our vision of the future is not, nor ever will be, our reality. The message the Iron Cowboy gave to us was that we can do anything we set our minds to! No matter what our life’s work or goals, if we consistently do the little things, we will begin to catch the vision that the impossible actually is possible. We will catch the vision that destiny is not a matter of chance; It is a matter of choice.

Seeing the Iron Cowboy was incredible for those who attended SMARTcon and interacted with him, but that chance is not lost! Head over to the SMARTcon site and get your tickets reserved today! Consider it the first of the little things you can do today to get to where you want to go!


The Key to a Powerful Connection

Can you imagine how much brighter the world would be if we all spent more time connecting with and validating our peers? Validation is a powerful tool! A short film called Validation can be found on the internet. In it, a man who works as a parking validator takes a new meaning to the word by complimenting individuals in meaningful ways while assisting them with their tickets. Soon, huge lines of people are striving to park there! Police officers are dispatched to disperse the masses. They stop their investigation after they too are given sincere and kind compliments. This character ends up making a difference in many people’s lives because of his ability to give honest validation. That video has gained over eight million views on youtube. If you’re intersted in checking that out, you can find it here.

How true that holds. Kindness is Key. Validation holds serious weight in sales. This is sometimes forgotten by salesmen who focus on trying to get their services and products in the hands of their prospects. It is a tool that you can use in order to get sales, but more importantly, it can be used to build a prosperous relationship. It is the means by which we can connect and make a difference.

At Griffin Hill, we save and change lives. Absolutely everything that we do feeds into that ultimate purpose. The main way we do this is by stacking the odds of success in your favor. People buy from people they like! In short, people buy from individuals who are skilled at validation. You too can learn how to use validation effectively. As you do, your ability to make connections with others will increase. The success you get from life will grow. Take a look at the video below and learn from Dr. Scott Baird how powerful validation is in the sales process:


Coaching Technology: Vince Lombardi’s Take on it

When I think of great coaches and coaching technology, Vince Lombardi comes to mind. “Running a football team is no different than running any other kind of organization…”, he once said. Griffin Hill coaches have helped to improve the skill set and performance level for thousands of sales people. Whether a sales person is new to a professional career in sales, or experienced and mature, a skilled coach (much like Vince Lombardi) can super-charge performance results. Lee H. is a typical example of a mature sales person who found new life, energy, skills, and results because of Griffin Hill Coaching Technology.

When he started a new job at age 48, Lee wanted every advantage he could find in order to be successful. He engaged Griffin Hill and applied himself to the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. With guidance from his coach, Lee sharpened his skills and rapidly became a top performer within his new organization. Not only does he anchor the top spot for number of new sales, he also closed the largest single deal in the company’s history! Lee is quick to share the credit for his success with the Griffin Hill Coaching Staff.

There is a proliferation of learning opportunities for business leaders in every specialty. Training companies offer conferences, seminars and classes. Video presentations and podcasts are available on any topic imaginable. Blogs and newsletters keep people informed about areas of interest and topics related to work place responsibilities. The current, information-rich environment can enhance knowledge and awareness and provides a valuable service.

Our Griffin Hill Coaching Technology is a part of the rising tide in the information and training world. A growing number of trainers refer to themselves as coaches and a growing number of business professionals are hungry for a performance coach that can help them to stand out in a very competitive world.

Though similar in the goal of informing and educating, coaching differs from classes and presentations. Coaching is long term in nature. The objective goes beyond intellectual learning and includes practical implementation, skill set development, and performance improvement. Our friend Lee was very knowledgeable about sales. He had been to every imaginable sales training course and had read dozens of books and articles about sales and selling. What he wanted was guidance in implementation, real life skill development, a strategic game plan to his career. What he wanted was to WIN!

Anyone can intellectualize about the game of football. But a player needs a coach. By the time an athlete becomes a professional football player, he has spent 10 years or more in coaching sessions that last 3-5 hours every day! Those coaches spend only a small percentage of their time presenting or teaching for knowledge. The greater percentage is in honing skills, patterns, and plays that stack the odds of success in their favor. And when they finally become a professional…they sign up for more coaching. A professional team with a weak coaching staff does not compete well. It is unimaginable that a team would have no coaching staff at all!

The ranks of business professionals are searching for the same competitive advantage that a skilled coaching staff gives to a professional athlete. They want hands-on training, application, and skill development. Business professionals want successive first downs and they want to get into the end zone—frequently. They want to win.

Again, I turn to Vince Lombardi. “It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men. Men respond to leadership in a most remarkable way and once you have won his heart, he will follow you anywhere.” Coaching is increasingly important to individual and team success in business. It is important to remember however, that a weak coach or a weak coaching staff can actually retard performance. For that reason, as you seek for a coach—choose wisely. Make an informed choice. Study the options. Make sure you understand the underlying theory, principles and values espoused by your coach. They should reflect your own beliefs. Your coach should have a proven system to develop skill and accelerate performance results.