Advance the Ball

In our tip of the week last week we talked about executing the perfect elevator speech. At Griffin Hill we call this the Case Open Routine and it is the first routine in our sales process. But how do you know if your Case Open Routine is effective?

Successful completion means you stimulate interest and the suspect gives you permission to advance to the next stage of the sales process. The best example of this is a scheduled next event.

Reaching a process milestone is a cause for celebration. There are only six routines in the Griffin Hill Sales Process, the Case Open Routine, the Needs Audit Routine, the Solution Presentation Routine, the Adapted Solution Routine, the Closing Interaction, and the Fulfillment and Follow-Up Routine. Reaching a process milestone is like getting a first down in football.

In football, the offense has four plays to advance the ball by at least 10 yards. Advancing the ball by 10 yards or more moves the team closer to the end zone and the team is awarded a new set of four plays or downs. Getting a new set of downs gives the team an opportunity to continue its march toward the end zone. In the same way, advancement in the sales process marks progress toward the goal and is sufficient to earn the successful salesperson a new set of plays to help them advance the sale toward the goal of closing.

New Marketing Campaign Launched

Orem, Utah March 1st 2011

Griffin Hill announces the launch of its new marketing campaign. Teaming up with Bruce Law of Sprout Marketing the Griffin Hill “Our Story” campaign is set to hit newsstands this month. The first Ad which highlights Griffin Hill’s relationship with client IntegraCore will be featured in Utah Business Magazine this month. In the following months more Ads will be released featuring other Griffin Hill clients.

Included in the Griffin Hill marketing campaign is a newly developed website, along with a user friendly web address. You can now access the Griffin Hill website by typing


About Griffin Hill

Griffin Hill is a professional sales consultancy that dramatically improves human and organizational performance. Businesses, organizations and teams rely on the proven, scientific methods of company founder, Dr. Scott Baird and sports performance consultant, Dr. Craig Manning, to achieve rapid, sustainable revenue growth, shortened sales cycles and consistently higher performance. Customers begin with an initial Bootcamp to learn Griffin Hill’s proprietary Performance Platform™ of processes, plays, metrics and coaching. Customers then receive ongoing weekly coaching to assure those skills are mastered. Since 1980, hundreds of clients have come to trust Griffin Hill to help them achieve extraordinary results.


Mark Rosander
Griffin Hill Consulting


60 Words to Success

It is important to have a good elevator speech because you only have a few words to grab your suspect’s attention and move them forward in the sales process. The first 60 words you speak are more important than the next 6,000! In the first 60 words you must make a connection, stimulate the suspect to want to meet with you, qualify the suspect for interest, and turn the suspect into a prospect. The five basic plays used to accomplish these objectives are rapport, position, benefit, proof, and permission.

Throughout Griffin Hill Sales Technology, plays are named for their purpose. For example the Rapport Play must establish the initial connection between the sales person and the suspect. The Positioning Play describes who you are and what you do. The Benefit Play gives the suspect a reason to care about who you are and what you do. The Proof Play builds credibility for the claim you made in the benefit play by offering evidence that you can deliver. And finally the Schedule the Next Event or Permission Play secures permission to advance the sales process.

Starting with the Rapport Play and moving to the Positioning Play, the Benefit Play, and the Proof Play, and then closing with the Schedule the Next Event or Permission Play is the most psychologically efficient way to initiate contact and advance the sales process. Each play represents a small milestone that must be passed for the suspect to move forward. As you become consciously aware of these milestones you will work more confidently.

Most sales people struggle to define or follow a formal process. Instead, sales people often wander aimlessly, hoping to crack the code that will allow them to open the door to a selling opportunity. What they don’t realize is that the plays are the tumblers of a combination lock. When the tumblers all line up, the lock that guards the mind will open, but not before.

Sometimes, aimless wanderers are able to hit upon a successful combination and the door of opportunity opens but without conscious awareness. In that case, hitting the right combination is a chance event, and the process cannot be duplicated. The secret to the combination lies in the plays of the Case Open Routine. Once you know the combination, you can quickly open the lock over and over again.

Knowing the combination shortens the sales cycle and expands the pipeline. Either of these results is desirable and will increase sales volume. Together, shortening the sales cycle and expanding the pipeline work synergistically to help you close more business.