Word Economy Counts

Suppose you have just finished a Fulfillment and Follow Up visit with a client and walked away with a list of referrals. When you get back to your office, you pull out the list and begin making calls. At some point, there is a good chance you will get the voice mail of a referral. If you’re using the system, that’s not a problem at all. Let the system work for you.

Most likely you went through 6 Steps to a Successful Sales Call before making this call. The objective of this call is to stimulate interest, and the play types available for this stage of the Sales Process are found in the Case Open Routine. When you get the voice mail of a referral, don’t abandon your game plan. Use your Case Open as your message. And remember that just like when meeting someone face to face, word economy counts.

In a recent blog post Coleen Francis had this to say about leaving a message.

“A good voice mail must be prepared in advance, delivered with confidence and take up no more than 45 seconds (30 seconds is best). Most decision makers delete messages after 30 seconds. If your “call to action” comes after 30 seconds, chances are its being missed completely.”

This is wonderful insight by Ms. Francis. A well planned out and direct message will grab the attention of your referral and put the odds of success in your favor. Using the Case Open Routine gives you the process and plays to leave a very effective message.

Make sure your message includes these plays:

  1. Rapport – Who I Am
  2. Positioning – What I Do
  3. Benefit – Why Clients Like You Care
  4. Proof – Evidence/Proof of Why You Should Care
  5. Schedule The Next Event – Permission to Move Ahead

And as Ms. Francis points out, don’t let the message drag on. Remember that the Case Open routine involves 60 words or less.

Here is a look at how your Case Open Routine could be used when leaving a message:

Hello Mrs. Jones, It’s Scott Baird with Griffin Hill. Helen Gamble suggested I call you. At Griffin Hill, we increase our clients’ top-line revenue. Using one of our products, Xerox Connect increased sales 300% in one year. I’d like to discuss your goals and priorities, so I’ll call back tomorrow at 9:00, or you can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

As Ms. Francis said, it is very important to have a well planned and considered message ready to go. By being direct and to the point, you will be more memorable and increase the chances of a call back from your referral.