Reframe Your Sales Calls

In baseball, the catcher is responsible for making the pitcher look better than he really is. If a pitch drifts slightly off target, the catcher will catch the ball and move his glove so it appears the ball crossed the plate. What the catcher is doing is basically framing the pitch for the umpire, putting the umpire in a frame of mind to see the pitch as a strike.

On a return sales call it is important for the salesperson to reframe the last meeting with his suspect.  Most likely many things have taken place since that last meeting. By briefly but carefully reframing the previous conversation, a salesperson can put the suspect back in the same mind frame they were in the last time–the mind frame that convinced them to set up the current meeting.

In a recent blog The Selling Sherpa offered an example of how you can make reframing easier. He says it is important to make sure to record a few specific details each time you meet with your suspect or talk to them on the phone. That way you have the specific material you need to remind them of the benefit they saw in your previous interaction, and to prepare them to move forward from that point.

It is that easy. During your next appointment be sure to take some notes that you can use in a future meeting. Your suspect will be impressed with your attention to detail.