Set The Agenda For Future Meetings

When you schedule the next event you set the agenda for the next meeting.  When you first meet your suspect you tell them who you are (rapport), what you do (positioning), why they care about what you do (benefit), and give them evidence of the benefit (proof). Next you give the suspect the purpose of meeting with him, “let’s meet to find out about your plans for increasing top-line revenue.”  The language of the schedule the next event play sets the agenda for the meeting and makes the appointment meaningful.


Scheduling the next event also sets the expectation of moving toward the close.  Because you offer a meaningful objective by successfully scheduling the next event, you build and strengthen your case with your suspect.  Every time you schedule the next event it builds momentum for doing business together.  Because the Integrity Sales System process is the most psychologically efficient way to achieve agreement, each step is logical. It simply makes sense to the suspect and to you that you should take that next step together.  Moving from one step in the sales process to the next builds an increasing expectation of closing a deal.